Frequently asked questions about VTTHRIFT's hours, location, operational processes, and how to sell your clothes to us.
  • Step 1: Item Drop Off

    Bring your clothing items into the shop during store hours! No appointment is needed, however we recommend coming in at least an hour before closing.

    Make sure your items are in good condition and free from odor! See below for examples of what we are specifically looking for.

  • Step 2: Item Review

    One of our team members will review your clothing. They are trained to check for quality, condition, style, and much more. Feel free to browse the store while you are waiting!

    *Please note the criteria are references and do not guarantee our purchase.

  • Step 3: Payment

    If you decide to accept our offer, you will have the option of receiving 33% through Venmo or 50% in VTTHRIFT credit of what we would sell the item for. 

    Example: If we price an item at $20, you would receive $6.60 through Venmo or $10 in VTTHRIFT store credit.

Sell To Us


From being in style and good condition to vintage treasures and authentic sports apparel, we're interested in them all. Don't forget to bring us those high-quality brand shirts too - we're excited to give them a new home!

Click here to see what tops we buy!

Sell To Us


Don't miss out on the chance to sell us your high-quality brand bottoms and make a sustainable fashion statement today!

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Sell To Us


If you have sweatshirts, denim jackets, barn coats, jackets, or cozy knitwear that you're ready to part with, we're interested in giving them a new home. Bring us your well-loved outerwear items, and together we'll continue to spread the joy of thrifty fashion!

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VT Gear

If you have Virginia Tech-themed t-shirts, jackets, hoodies, or accessories that you're ready to part with, we'd love to give them a new home. Bring us your cherished Virginia Tech gear, and let's continue to celebrate the Hokie pride together!

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Sell To Us


If you have stylish hats and shoes that you're ready to part ways with, we'd be thrilled to give them a new lease on life. Bring us your cherished hats and shoes, and let's add a touch of flair to our thrifty fashion finds together!

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